A New Marketing Strategy Is Like A Move Across Country

Bob just got a promotion. After years of hard work and keeping his nose to the grindstone, his efforts have paid off. Now he can sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

That is until his boss informs him that along with the promotion comes a move to a different office – in a different state – clear across the country!

And we all know what that entails. Not only does Bob have to arrange for new utilities, new schools for the kids and meeting with moving companies, he now has a thousand other little details to take care of. That kind of stress can change a sane person into a raving madman.

No one likes to move. Bob has to wonder if the promotion is worth it. Not only is he starting fresh somewhere else, he now hat to prove himself all over again.

Deciding on a new marketing strategy can be likened to a cross country move. While it is exciting to contemplate, the details can be overwhelming. Bob is comfortable at his current office. Similarly, tried and true marketing of a brand is comfortable: not only to the company that offers the product, but to the consumer as well. The question then becomes, will change help or hinder a known brand?

Remaining stagnant in an ever changing marketing environment can sound a death knell to a brand, no matter how well known. You can see that happening daily on any business page in the news. Sitting back and allowing complacency to take over only shows that your brand is out of touch with today’s market.

Instead of looking at a new marketing strategy as something to be dreaded, see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn new information, expand your horizons and make new clients.

Start with little things first. Has your marketing be totally reliant on website presence? If so look into direct mail marketing or email newsletters as an addition to your marketing strategy. Are newsletters sent by either email or direct mail how you have been keeping your clients informed what is new in your industry? Think about expanding that idea with social media marketing. Have one or more of your employees become a social media maven by interacting with existing and potential clients through blogs, social media platforms and local events. Direct marketing with all or any of these mediums increases exposure and offers personalization the competition may not be part of.

When it comes to competition, do not mimic their marketing tactics but go a step beyond. Join networking groups, become a well known presence in the local community and never dismiss the advantages of being a member of an industry organization. There are a great many news companies today that offer businesses a way to let the world know what is going on with your company. Begin to implement press releases on a frequent basis as part of an overall marketing strategy. Be pro-active instead of being ignored.

The more places potential clients see your name, your brand or your logo the greater chance of increasing a client base. An increased client base means greater growth.